4 Kinds of Commercial Sewing Machines And Their Feeds

4 Kinds of Commercial Sewing Machines And Their Feeds

Janome-HD3000-Heavy-Duty-Sewing-MachineCommercial sewing machines are different from regular sewing machines in several ways. Commercial sewing machines were made for heavy-duty sewing tasks so they can be used to do many things and are built with incredibly durable motors and parts. Regular sewing machines usually have plastic parts, but commercial sewing machines are made from iron, aluminum or other quality metals.

There are different types of commercial sewing machines, but there are four main types. The differences can be found in the way the arm and needle post were designed. The four main types of commercial sewing machines are:

  1. Post-bed

These commercial sewing machines have feed dogs and bobbins laid out in a vertical column that is high above the sewing machine’s flat base. The high on this vertical column could range from 10 centimeters to 45 centimeters. Where most other commercial sewing machines struggle, the post-bed machine is used. Such difficult tasks include the making of boots, gloves and emblem attaching.

  1. Flatbed

This commercial sewing machine is the most common. The design of the flatbed sewing machine is similar to that of a regular sewing machine because the needle and arm extend to the machine’s flat base. This commercial sewing machine is mostly used to sew flat pieces of material together.

  1. Off-the-arm

This commercial sewing machine is the least common. Users of this sewing machine need to feed the material or fabric along the horizontal column’s axis. This design greatly limits the seam length that can be sewn making it perfect for sewing shoulder seams and sleeves.

  1. Cylinder-bed

Instead of a flat base, this commercial sewing machine has a narrow, horizontal column. This lets the fabric pass under and around the horizontal column. The cylinder-bed’s diameter ranges from 5 centimeters to 16 centimeters. The cylinder-bed is made for sewing objects with a bulky, cylindrical shape like saddles, shoes and cuffs.

Before purchasing a commercial sewing machine, look into the kind of feed mechanism you’ll need. Commercial sewing machines that offer several kinds of feed mechanisms can be very pricey. The kinds of feed mechanisms are:

  1. Walking foot

SINGER-4411-Heavy-Duty-Sewing-MachinePutting thick, cushioned and spongy material through this feed is a lot easier compared to regular feeds.

  1. Needle feed

In this feed, the needle is the feed mechanism greatly decreasing slippage and making layers of material easier to handle.

  1. Drop feed

This feed mechanism the most common. Drop the feed mechanism is just below the sewing surface.

  1. Puller feed

This feed mechanism holds on to and pull the material as it is being sewn. This is mostly used for big, heavy objects like tents.

  1. Manual Feed

This feed gives the user entire control. It allows for very delicate work such as embroidery, shoe repair and quilting. It is sometimes necessary on commercial sewing machines to remove the feed dog to allow a manual feed.

Also, look into the stitch types the commercial sewing machine allows. There are many kinds of stitches, each one having different purposes.

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