4 ways to maintain your brother sewing machine parts

4 ways to maintain your brother sewing machine parts

  1. How to change the light bulb

If your sewing machine light bulb has burnt out, replacing it is easy. First, make sure your machine is unplugged. Loosen the face plate’s screw with a screwdriver (your machine should come with a screwdriver). Once the screw has been undone; detach the face plate from your brother sewing machine. To loosen the sewing light bulb, turn it clockwise. Once the sewing light bulb has been removed, tighten the new sewing light bulb by turning it counter-clockwise. Return the face plate to its original position and tighten the screw.

  1. How to oil the different brother sewing machine parts

Make sure your brother sewing machine has been unplugged. Remove or flip the face plate open by loosening the screws. If you do not have a screwdriver ready, you may use a coin that fits the screw’s notch. With sewing machine oil, place two or three drops of oil on the needle bar and around the bobbin (called the shuttle race). Once you’ve oiled these brother sewing machine parts, run your machine at a fast pace with not thread installed in a few minutes to dissipate the oil. Make sure to wipe any excess sewing machine oil off your sewing machine because you might end up getting some oil on your thread and material. To avoid this, you may thread the machine and run some scrap material through the machine to ensure all excess oil has been removed.

It’s important to oil your brother sewing machine parts (preferably once a week) if it runs at an excess of one hour daily. If the sewing machine is used regularly, oil it daily. You can purchase sewing machine oil at a sewing machine service center or at a sewing machine shop.

  1. Cleaning your brother sewing machine parts

Before you start cleaning, raise the needle to the highest possible position. Open the shuttle cover and open the latch levers to remove the bobbin case. Slip the latch levers away from the retaining ring, then takes out the retaining ring as well. Once completed, clean out any lint and thread that have accumulated from the hook, driver, retaining ring and race body with a soft brush. For the shuttle race and the shuttle hook, clean off any lint with a soft cloth covered in sewing machine oil. You may now return the hook and put back the latch levers into their original positions so they hold the retaining ring.

  1. Clean the feed dogs.

To clean the feed dogs, make sure the needle plate has been removed with a screwdriver. Unscrew the screws to gain access to the feed dogs. Remove any thread, lint or dust from the shuttle race body and the feed dog’s upper part with a soft brush.

It’s easy to get carried away with your machine to the point that your brother sewing machine parts start to spoil or give you problems. Make sure to maintain your brother sewing machine parts by oiling and cleaning whenever you feel it necessary.

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