7 Things To Know About Small Sewing Machines

Janome-11706-Hello-Kitty-Sewing-MachineLooking to start on small ides and projects but don’t want to make a huge investment on huge sewing machines? Just picked up an interest on sewing and need something to get started? Small sewing machines are the best choice for a first sewing machine or for side projects.

Small sewing machines are deceptive because they look like a child’s toy and won’t perform as well as a normal sized sewing machine. While it is true that they are not made for heavy-duty work, they are perfect for smaller projects.

  1. Easy stitching

Small sewing machines are perfect for simple sewing projects. If you’re a beginner looking for to get into the hobby, a small sewing machine is your best choice. Small sewing machines are easily set up and can be used straight from the box. Most small sewing machines include all the required needles and bobbins to start sewing. The stitch selection is basic and the simple features are perfect for first timers.

  1. It’s light

Small sewing machines are portable and can easily do even stitches. They’re perfect for paper craft and light sewing.

  1. They’re slower

An obvious drawback with small sewing machines is that, compared to regular sized sewing machines, they are slower. This is advantageous for beginners because it allows the user to keep track of their progress and avoid or fix mistakes. The slower pace won’t be overwhelming to adult and child beginners.

  1. Thick fabric will be difficult to deal with

Another obstacle small sewing machines come across is when dealing with thicker or more layered materials. Because of the limited size in needles sizes allowed for small sewing machines, denim is near impossible to sew into. Using the suggested needle size or brand the manufacturer recommends will save you a lot of trouble, frustration and unnecessary needle breaking.

  1. Less Complex

Unlike regular sewing machines, small sewing machines don’t have automated features or computerized options. This makes the process a little more challenging but is great for a beginner to understand the process. This is barely a deal breaker for beginners eager to start sewing.

  1. There might not be a light

One reason small sewing machines are very light is because it doesn’t come with its own light. Regular sized sewing machines come with a light installed. Not having a light is a small price to pay for a small sewing machine as the light could easily be replaced by a lamp or fluorescent light.

  1. They’re cheap

Small sewing machines are incredibly affordable. They do as much as regular sewing machines at a smaller price making it the perfect choice for beginners, small projects and first sewing.

All in all, a small sewing machine is surely the best option for hobbyists who like to revel in sewing. Because of the light weight, small size, simplicity and ease of use, small sewing machines are great first time buys for children and adults looking to jump start their sewing hobby.

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