A sewing machine best fit for a designer

A sewing machine best fit for a designer

For any designer out there, a sewing machine is not a mere machine built to make life easier. A sewing machine can be equated to the right canvas for an artist. It not only needs to be precise but should also feel good to touch and skill. The right sewing machine will yield nothing but the best designs. With that in mind a sewing machine best fit for any designer will need to meet the following factors.


With numerous sewing machines being readily available in the market today, it is simply important to get the best quality. A good quality sewing machine is one that is durable and can be able to withstand external factors like rain or any fire outbreak. The quality will also depend on the manufacturers of the sewing machine and how reliable they have been throughout the years.


The cost of the sewing machine is relative and solely depends on the designer. Some designers will prefer an old sewing machine as opposed to a new one while others will prefer to keep track of the latest trends and features that come with a new sewing machine. The phrase old is gold is very much applicable in this factor. In some cases a sewing machine best fit for a few designers will depend on the old features it has thereby making it relatively cheaper. On the other hand, other designers may prefer a new sewing machine that has got the latest features making it more costly.


With sewing machines rapidly evolving, there are vast added features when compared to the old model sewing machine. The sewing machine was first invented to reduce the work done by manual stitching back in the day. Since then, all features added on the sewing machine have been aimed to improve the previous model and to make sewing easier. The features that come with the modern sewing machine are quite advanced when compared to the traditional sewing machine. The modern features will differ from the power source used to run it, to the various stitches the machine can make and also to the number of threads the machine can hold. The general features that one will need to look out for are:


  • Workspace- You will need a sewing machine that will give you the right amount of work space you need to work on your fabric regardless of the length of the material.
  • The stitch Quality- The quality of the stitch that the sewing machine will make is also a very important factor for any designer.
  • Easy to learn- This is a very important factor especially for designers who are looking to make a transition from one machine to another.
  • Quietness- Sewing machines have been known to be noisy, this factor will depend on whether the designer wants to reduce the noise or not. Some designers are actually known to like the noisy environment while working.

At the end of the day, the sewing machine best fit for a designer will solely depend on the designers taste and preference.
photo credit: Windell Oskay (license)

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