singer-sewing-machinesThere are various sewing machines that you can get to you as a beginner, but you have to make sure that whatever model of a sewing machine you buy also has good features that make you learn all the basic things of stitching and sewing. It looks easy, but it is difficult to get the accurate sewing machine for you that you are in need of as there are many companies now which are also a kind of advantage and disadvantage. As there are many options of sewing machines and you get to see many new sewing machine models almost every day and this might also make you confuse because there are also chances that you get a wrong sewing machine for you, so the best way to make the correct decision is to buy a sewing machine that is trusted by lots of users from around the world.

Singer sewing machines are the best machines that you must get if you are a beginner and you have that passion of learning sewing and stitching. There are various models of Singer sewing machines for all types of users, but as you are about to start your journey, then it is good to select the basic equipment to understand the odds and evens of sewing and stitching, of course you haven’t started learning alphabets with ‘A’ and then you want till ‘Z’. The same rule is also applied in the sewing and that is why the basic sewing machines are important for beginners.

Simple 2263 Sewing Machine by Singer

The 2263 sewing machines by Singer is one of the best basic sewing machines. Some of its features include

  • The stitch selection is very easy and simple.
  • You can easily adjust the total length of width and stitch in this sewing machine model.
  • You can get variety of stitches with the help of this sewing machine as there are 23 stitches fixed in this machine.
  • Buttonhole of total 4-step is present in this machine that is completely automatic.
  • Automatic needle threading.
  • Presser feet.
  • Automatic system for bobbin winding.
  • This model has a frame of Metal.
  • Feed dog system of total 4-segments.
  • Various needle positions.
  • Adjustable tension and large storage of keeping important stitching things.
  • Limited warranty of 25 years.

2259 Tradition Sewing Machine by Singer

The 2259 Tradition sewing machine model by Singer has the following features

  • Very simple stitch selection.
  • Adjustable zigzag stitch and length.
  • 19 fixed stitches are available in this sewing machine for more varieties in stitches.
  • Buttonhole of 4 step complete automatic.
  • Bobbin winding system.
  • Metal frame and complete heavy duty.
  • Presser foot for more clearance and easy stitching multiple layers.
  • Four segments for accurate and correct feed.
  • Two needle positions.
  • Board storage and free arm.
  • All-purpose foot.
  • Sewing button foot.
  • Buttonhole foot.
  • 2 spool caps.
  • Zipper foot.
  • Edge guide.
  • Class 15 bobbins.
  • 25 year warranty.

These two models are the best basic singer sewing machines that are recommended to buy and once you understand important things about stitching you can switch your sewing machine by buying other more developed sewing machine models but for the initial stage it is important to look for starters.
photo credit: SurrendrDorothy (license)

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