Best brands of kids’ sewing machines

Best brands of kids’ sewing machines

Getting a kid into a hobby can be quite difficult. If you spend hours on your sewing machine, then maybe you could try getting your kids into it. Finding one safe enough for kids to operate is a task on its own. Some sewing machines offer finger guards, speed control and an automatic stop.

A finger guard will protect the child’s tiny fingers while sewing. The speed control allows for flexibility in matching the child’s sewing capabilities. The automatic stop will immediately stop a sewing machine once it comes across a high amount of resistance (like skin). Here is a list of brands for kids sewing machines.

  1. Singer

Kid’s sewing machines made by Singer are simple battery-operated sewing toys. They come in a variety of vibrant colors, making it perfect for a child. These sewing machines are affordable, ranging from $30 to over $100 and are very durable. The singer’s brother series is great because they’re very simple to use and come with easy to follow diagrams and instructions on how to thread but comes with a small amount of stitches. This can be helpful for beginners so they don’t feel overwhelmed with all the buttons and knobs.  Another important thing to note is that the Singer’s kids sewing machines are relatively quiet so your house won’t sound like a clothing factory.

If you think your kid is ready for it, just get them a real Singer sewing machine. It will cost a little more, but it’s more reliable. Keep in mind though that there must still be adult supervision when operating these sewing machines.

  1. Janome

Laura-Ashley-CX155LA-Computerized-Sewing-MachineJanome is another well-known kid friendly brand. It comes with a finger guard, which will help if a child slips up. One downside is that Janome kids sewing machine prices are between $100 and $400. It’s a little heavy on the wallet, but it functions well and is recommended by many sewing professionals.

Janome kids’ sewing machines do come in more toy-ish colors, but have great features with handy little features like a tiny drawer and a single foot pedal. Threading won’t also be a problem for your child with Janome products.

As tempting as getting a kid’s sewing machine, it’s more advisable to buy a real one because toy sewing machines jam a lot and can get quite frustrating which would be a horrible way to introduce such a great hobby. I only suggest getting a kids sewing machine if they know nothing about sewing and plan to learn first before getting right to it (which isn’t the case most of the time). It will set you back a couple of extra dollars but it will be worth it once, they can make their own dresses or fix up their torn clothes.

Beginners should start off with simple projects like making simple dolls, doll’s clothes, headbands, accessories or even bookmarks. If they’re feeling really confident, they could have a go at making a pillow case. It’s all downhill from here on out.

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