Brother XL2610 Sewing Machine

Brother XL2610 Sewing Machine

This machine has a wide variety of services to offer to the customers and has been able to make a mark in the world of sewing machines. This particular machine is mostly famous with our young learners or even experts or the ones who like to travel a lot with carrying their machines as it’s very light weighted.


The price of the product is $89.99.


The brand name of the sewing machine is a Brother.

Model Number:

The model number of this product of Brother is XL2610


The shipping weight of the product is 14.4 pounds, making the only machine even more light weighted.


It offers a 25 year warranty for the smooth running of the product.

Returns, Repairs or Exchanges:

In order to return or exchange your sewing machine you need to visit the website again and specify the reason for your decision depending on which the seller or amazon would choose to honor your request. If there is a reasonable problem, then returns, repairs and exchanges are possible.

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Product Specification


  • It offers 25 built in stitches.
  • It is a free arm sewing machine which makes it easier to stitch smaller parts of the clothes like cuffs.
  • The four step buttonhole procedure divides and eases the steps of making a beautiful buttonhole.
  • Most of the features are automatic like the Automatic buttonhole; automatic needle threader, automatic bobbin winding system.
  • It comes with a foot control which makes the work even classier and easy to use.
  • It comes with a built-in stitch length and width of the usual size.
  • It gives the facility of changing the stitch length and width according to your desired design through a dial thread tension control.
  • It comes with built-in light on top of the sewing area to make the work more visible for people who have a hard time trying visualize the smaller perspectives of sewing.
  • It is very light weighted and easy to carry around.
  • Some parts of it are made of plastic making it light weighted and easier to use.
  • It comes in a different and attractive look with the color pink to attract mostly all girls.
  • The instructions in the manual are very easy to comprehend and in both languages of English and Spanish.


  • Some parts of the machine are made of plastic so it is not recommended for rough users, who might wreck the machine very early.
  • The color pink might not be a choice for people who would want to use it for professional purposes. The color limits the audience to mostly young girls only.


The reviews of the product are very positive. As the product targets mostly young girls they are satisfied with it being ‘pink’ and light weighted the most. These two are the most attractive and famous things about the product without any doubt. The four buttonhole procedure, free arm and automatic features make it even more worth the investment. It also sews heavy layers easily. Overall, the product is a good one to consider in this price.

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