brother-sewing-machineFor stitching good you need to have a best sewing machine. Even it is not possible to stitch or sew your fabrics or materials with your own hands or on a manual sewing machine, but the disadvantages you might be facing is of lots of time consuming and less quality of the stitch. Your time will be much consumed and the results will be late if you will sew or stitch without a good sewing machine that is why users are now shifting their sewing level on new and modern technology based sewing machines so that they get their desired and expecting results without a waste of time.

It is unfair to say that there is only one single company that is involved in manufacturing sewing machines or good quality sewing machines because there are countless industries and companies that are busy in making new sewing machines for providing good quality sewing work and their efforts are also making their name high in the market. A good example is on a Brother sewing machine, as Brother is a trustful name in the field of manufacturing and designing, sewing machines of all types, so whether you want to buy a sewing machine for high and heavy fabrics or for home use, Brother offers all types of sewing machines.

Brother also offers machines with fewer prices, but there is no compromise seen in the parts of the sewing machines like there are also other brands that are offering their machines at fewer prices but the parts are not trustworthy and also they fail to give good results. This is one of the main reasons that Brother sewing machine models are so popular and users are happy to buy it without any second thought in their minds because people know that their machine will live a long and strong life.

Some of the Brother sewing machine models are

XR27NT Brother Sewing Machine

The main and important features of the XR27NT include

  • 27 fixed type stitches.
  • Needle threader auto type.
  • A top bobbin loading system that is easy to set and quick to manage.
  • LED light on the side of the needle for illuminating the sewing area.
  • Stitch length control.
  • Stitch width control.
  • 1 step auto buttonhole.
  • Free arm stitching.
  • Stitch width is 6.6mm maximum.
  • Stitch length is 4mm maximum.
  • Zigzag foot.
  • Buttonhole foot.
  • Soft cover.
  • Zip foot.
  • Foot controller.
  • Seam ripper.
  • Blind stitch foot.

XR37NT Brother Sewing Machine

The XR37NT is the upgraded sewing machine model of XR27NT by Brother. All the features of the XR37NT are almost similar to the XR27NT but the only difference that makes it more dependable in the user community is because of its 37 stitches that are fixed. All the 37 stitches are of good quality and it gives the pro look of the fabric.

The XR27NT and XR37NT are the two best Brothers sewing machine models which are although made for home use, but the results of these two sewing machine models are not less than any professional sewing machine.

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