Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine


The cost of this machine is $349.00.


The shipping weight of this machine 23.8 pounds, making the weight of the original machine even less.



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Returns, Repairs or Exchanges:

In order to return or exchange your sewing machine you need to visit the website again and specify the reason for your decision depending on which the seller or amazon would choose to honor your request. If there is a reasonable problem, then returns, repairs and exchanges are possible.

Product Specification

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  • It comes with 18 of the most basic and beautiful built in stitches.
  • It comes with an automatic 1 buttonhole making the work easy and smooth.
  • It has a built in needle threader so that you do not have to put pressure on your eyes in the struggle of putting the thread through the needle.
  • It comes with the option of making amendments to the type of stitch you want. You can make changes with the length and width of the stitch according to the desired design that you want to make on the piece of cloth.
  • It is made up of Cast Aluminum making the body strong and able to be used it roughly.
  • The heavy body makes it easier for the machine to hold all its integral parts together.
  • It comes with a compartment space on top of the machine where you can place your extra needles, extra feet and some of your threads.
  • It comes with a strong case for the machine making it easily portable like carrying a briefcase.
  • It is recommended to people who wants a machine for regular use.
  • It is a strong machine that can be used for professional purposes.
  • The heavy duty facility makes it possible to sew heavy layering for the stitch to go all the way to the most underneath layer of the cloth.
  • It comes with one hand thread cutter making it easier to work with small things and putting less pressure on eyes.
  • It comes with a seven piece feed dog making the stich look smoother and prettier.


  • The weight of the machine is too much for it to be carried around.
  • The heavy weight makes the case of the machine useless and no one would gladly carry such a heavy machine with them while travelling or going out anywhere.
  • The automatic needle threader works in a different as compared to others and would be slightly difficult to use for the ones who have used another machine before.
  • The heels and the levers are slightly tough to use and not very smooth.
  • The space on the top is so delicate that it is difficult to for the ones with slightly larger hands to be used.


People have been quite pleased with this machine based on all the reviews given by the customers. It is a nice heavy duty machine which is designed for sewing thick layers of clothing, but the variety of beautiful stitches gives a nice sparkle to the work. People love the selection of stitches, particularly the zigzag one. Overall, it is a good machine to purchase if you are a regular user.

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