The best first sewing machine

The best first sewing machine

The first of anything is always a redefining moment. It always symbolizes the genesis of a venture and one should always look back with nostalgia and be proud of the choices made. With that in mind, the best first sewing machine should be a perfect choice whether it is for personal or commercial use. Here are some great tips to consider when choosing your very first sewing machine.

Start small

No one ever despises a humble beginning, starting small basically means starting with a sewing machine that is not complex and is simple to use. This way you can always upgrade from there at the same time learning and appreciating all the added features that are available in the market today.

Basic Stitches

It is very important for any machine to have the basic stitches in place. This feature will help the user to gain experience from the machine and also be able to appreciate any added stitches.  The basic stitches enable any designer to design basic clothing and are very suitable for practice. Any sewing machine should have the basic stitches.

Power Source

Unlike in the old days where sewing machines were run manually, the sewing machines that are available in the market today mostly use electricity. While deciding on choosing the best first sewing machine, this should definitely be a factor to have in mind. Some people however still prefer the traditional version as opposed to the modern sewing machine type. There are various types of sewing machines in the market today that incorporate both features. Such machines come in handy when you want to learn how to use the sewing machine with both features.


The use of any sewing machine can differ from either commercial to personal use. A sewing machine that is purchased for personal use will be more of a hobby and will therefore not be used so often. A sewing machine that is meant for commercial use will tend to be used more often as the users’ intention is to generate income from it. With this factor in mind, the use of the machine should play a key role whenever choosing the best first sewing machine.


Quality and cost are factors that go hand in hand, since it Is your first sewing machine, you have probably been saving for it for quite some time and you will need to get your money’s worth. Do not settle for poor quality. A poor quality machine might end up frustrating you and waste your hard earned savings. Aim for good quality as you will want the machine to last for a long duration of time.  A good quality will probably be costly but in the long run it will serve for you for a considerable amount of time.

The best first sewing machine should leave an impression; it should have a lot of significance to you whether you intend to buy it for commercial or personal use.
photo credit: Deb Stgo (license)

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