The Best Sewing Machine for beginners

The Best Sewing Machine for beginners

For a beginner, the sewing skill has not yet been perfectly mastered and it will definitely take time to learn and be a pro. There are sewing machines that are ideal for beginners and have features that have been specifically designed to meet the specific needs that can be cumbersome for a beginner. There are a few factors to consider before choosing the best sewing machine for beginners, these are:

Basic Stitches

The ideal sewing machine for a beginner should have the basic stitches fully incorporated in it. The basic stitches enable the user to have the basic knowledge of stitching and sewing before preceding to anything else that is more complex. This feature is well suitable for beginners especially for the few who want to take up sewing as a career.

Auto threading

The auto threading feature is basically a life saver for the beginner. Threading for first timers can be really frustrating and one can end up wasting a lot of good time on it.  This feature comes together with the bobbin winding feature, they both save precious time and will help the beginner to focus on much more important sewing necessities.

Easy to learn

The best sewing machine for beginners should be easy to learn and use, leave the complexity to the veterans. The sewing machine suitable for beginners should have easy features that will enable any user at any age to freely use the machine without any difficulty.

Guide book

Like all machines, the sewing machine should also come with a guide book to help the beginner to be able to use the machine without any form of difficulty. The guide book should entail simple instructions on how to assemble and use the machine and it should also give clear instructions on what to do whenever you run into a problem with the sewing machine.

Work Space

Suitable work space is required for easy manipulation of any lengthy of material. This is simply because as a beginner the perfect skill of using a small work space for sewing has not yet been mastered. This can lead to a lot of confusion and in the long run wastage of material that has as a result of wrongful and accidental sewing. To avoid time wastage, ensure that the machine has got the right length and width for a beginner and that the work space for the material is enough to bring out the desired effect and not waste the sewers time.

The best sewing machine for a beginner will also depend on other factors like taste and preference of an individual as well as durability of the machine.  At the end of the day, ensure that the machine chosen is a good fit for the beginner. It should not be too complex or too simple but most importantly it should leave room for growth for the beginner. With various machines rampant in the market today, a beginner should choose a machine from a company that is well known and reliable to avoid any future frustrations.
photo credit: Mark Baylor (license)

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