If you are looking for a good, heavy duty, overlock sewing machine then you must first understand that all the overlook machines are not capable to give outstanding results, that is why the most popular overlock sewing machines are from Brother and PFAFF. Brother and PFAFF are two different companies which are involved in manufacturing every type of sewing machine and the best overlock machine model by Brother is the ‘Home Lock 1034D’ and another one is ‘Coverlock 4.0’ by PFAFF. These are the two best machines that can fulfill all your desires and sewing needs within a minimum period of time.

Home Lock 1034D Sewing Machine by Brother

The 1034D is an over locking sewing machine specially designed by Brother. You can use 3 to 4 threads at one time with the help of this model. The results of this sewing machine model from Brother are completely professional and some of its features include

  • Fixed carrying handles for traveling reasons.
  • Sew and Cut overlock stitches.
  • Threading system is Lower Looper.
  • Able to sew all types of materials and fabrics of thick and thin sizes.
  • Fixed light attached.
  • Differential feed.
  • Dust Cover.
  • 3/4 thread.
  • Flatbed, free arm.
  • The knife is easy and simple to remove.
  • Lightweight overlock machine.
  • Comes with optional accessories.
  • Common presser foot.
  • Tool Kit.
  • Pre threaded.
  • Pressure Control.
  • Gathering foot.
  • Piping foot.
  • Hemming foot.
  • Tweezers
  • Extra needles and brush for cleaning.

Coverlock 4.0 by PFAFF

This is another excellent overlock sewing machine model that consists many advanced and great features. Some of its specifications include

  • Complete graphic screen touch system.
  • Extended information system.
  • Multiple display languages.
  • Largest sewing area and also you can buy an external table for sewing if you require more space.
  • Thread sewing is 5-4-3-2.
  • Trim stitches.
  • Overcast stitch and another 25 stitches for decorations.
  • Two thread overlocking systems.
  • Three thread overlocking systems.
  • Four thread overlocking systems.
  • Five thread overlocking systems.
  • Fixed edge rolled.
  • Automatic adjustments for thread tension.
  • Stitch length and differential feed system.
  • Remembers the last stitch and has a memory saving option.
  • Multiple light sources for better and clear stitching.
  • Easy tension release.
  • Complete German design.
  • Changeable stitches from coversticthes to overlook.
  • 1100 stitches sewing speed in one minute.
  • Total five adjustable sewing speeds.
  • Thread paths are color coded and lay-in tension system.
  • Extra height presser foot.
  • E-piercing power.
  • Upper cutter is movable.
  • 2 thread converters.
  • Waste tray.
  • Lockout for safety.

These are the best overlock sewing machine models which are popular among various professional sewers because these models are heavy duty and you can sew any type of fabric as these sewing machines are capable to convert any piece of fabric into whatever you are willing to. These two overlock sewing machine models are also easy to carry from one place to another and the body of these models is made from solid material that allows the machine to live a very long life. Whether you bring home the PFAFF or the Brother, both models are best at giving fast and clear results.

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