Things to Consider in Buying the Best Sewing Machine for Beginner Craftsmen

Things to Consider in Buying the Best Sewing Machine for Beginner Craftsmen

Are you getting into the craze of sewing your own clothes? Well, many people are appreciating this kind of hobby and for first-time sewers; it’s an exciting new thing to get hooked on. You’re not only learning a new skill but you’re also having fun and making your own garments out of scratch. But to get there, you have to have at least the essentials in sewing. Your first agenda should be looking for the best sewing machine for beginner sewers or dressmakers like you. Aside from that, check out the ones below to know more.

These are some of the needed things for your sewing project:

  • Different kinds and colors of thread and some extra needles with various sizes
  • Patterns to follow with instructions on stitching and sewing
  • Cloth or rolls of cloth with different types(satin, cotton, denim, etc)

Now that you have an idea of the things you need, it’s time to get them. The first on the list is the sewing machine. It’s very important to learn first what you need in a sewing machine before even buying any. There are many types and sizes available in the market that it can be very confusing and overwhelming if you see them all at once. You must first research the specifics. Let’s look at the examples of the things you should know when buying.

  • Where will you sew

Are you just mainly going to sew in your house or will you be needing to sew in other places as well like to the office, or perhaps your parents’ house or when you go out on a vacation? This is something you need to consider because there are sewing machines that are very portable and weigh super light, which are great for sewing anywhere. Then there are also bigger and sturdier sewing machines but are very hard to drag anywhere.


  • What will you sew

Are you going to be the fashion designer type who needs to sue couture garments that will need a very efficient and fast sewing machine with loaded features? Or are you the type that will sue everyday stuff from aprons, to table cloths and the simple everyday shirt? Then in this case, you would need the best sewing machine for beginner garment-making only without the complicated features.


  • How much are you willing to spend

Your budget is one important factor in buying your sewing tools. If this is just a hobby and not really something where you can generate money from, then you might want to consider the cheaper sewing machines with moderate to good functionality and features. If you’re one to start a career in sewing and you want to invest in a good machine, then you can look for more expensive ones with more features and added functions.


Whatever kind or type of sewing machine you are looking for; consider these factors, especially if you’re out to buy the best sewing machine for beginner dressmakers such as you. You can always buy more sophisticated and complicated machines when you’ve acquired more technical skills in sewing, so  try to settle for the basic ones for now that fits in your budget and your purpose in sewing in the first place.
photo credit: Kheel Center (license)

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