Top 6 Singer Sewing Machine Models

Top 6 Singer Sewing Machine Models

  1. Singer 1507WC

The Singer 1507WC is newbie friendly (great for kids). It has eight built-in stitch options allowing for flexible tasks ranging from practical to decorative use. It’s easily threaded and the machine comes with instructions on it. It’s pretty quiet but heavy for its size. The foot pedal allows for easy speed control is just an overall good purchase at $97.

  1. Singer 2259

This sewing machine model is also beginner friendly. It has an easy pattern selection and threading is not only quick but easy. The motor is a little noisy starting up but quiets out after a while. The thread tension is great and can handle some thick materials. The singer 2259 is relatively light and has a sleek design. The foot pedal is really smooth so it slips a bit so it would be handy if you put something for it to grip on like rubber. Additionally, the needle is slightly difficult to remove. For $98, the Singer 2259 is everything you want in a sewing machine without all the overwhelming features other models have.

  1. Singer One Plus

This singer sewing machine model is very easy to use but does not sacrifice the quality more complex models provide. It is a computerized machine so programmable needle control is possible and automatic twin needle control is simple. Threading is super easy with this model and has an automatic needle threader. It’s a little heavy but and the LCD is a little unappealing but overall, a good machine.

3. Singer 7258

This award winning singer sewing machine model stitches beautifully. The bobbin is easily loaded and can be easily monitored with the see through plastic cover. It runs smoothly and does quality work. It’s easy to work with and but is a little small. There are a lot of stitch options available which allows you to be more creative. The motor suffices but does struggle with thicker fabrics or several layers. It’s a good buy for a $180 singer sewing machine model.

2. Singer 9985

This singer sewing machine model has a powerful but quiet motor allowing it to go through several layers fabric. You can easily monitor the amount of bobbin thread is left because of the transparent plastic. Its touch screen computer is easy to navigate and is easy on the eyes. The stitches it makes are very smooth. It cuts thread automatically which is always handy. It’s heavy so you don’t have to worry about it bouncing around. A drawback is that it’s pricey at $561.

  1. Singer 996

This singer sewing machine model is like magic. It runs very smooth and very quiet. It’s computerized so it’s straight forward. It’s self-cutting so when you’ve finished your seam, you just press a button and it finishes it for you. It proved an array of fun patterns. Speed control is flexible and the quality of the stitches is top notch. This singer sewing machine model costs $329 and can do a lot more than other, more expensive, sewing machines promise.

There are many sewing machines out there and it’s quite difficult to know which one is great for your skill level or for what you need. Singer sewing machine models have a great scope so if you’re looking to start your hobby or make expensive dresses, these models are for you.

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